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Tata is located next the the Gerecse-mountain, in the Eastern corner of the Kisalföld, surrounded by pure natural beauty. Due to its central location – it has liasons with 11 neighbouring settlements – the whole are was named after it as Tatai-basin since the 19th century. The name of Tata was recorded in 1221 first. It belonged to the lordship of the Csák-family from the 13th century till 1326. They started to build the castle during their tenure. According to the historian called Bonfini, the castle was converted into a late ghotic style residence by king Mathias in the 15th century. The king returned to the residence after his tiring fights with the Habsburgs to relax. Turkish and Kuruc wars took their toll, but the Esterházy-family proved good owners of the area during the following period. Not many is aware of the fact that the Schönbrunn-peace pact was signed in the northern tower of the castle on 14th October, 1809. Tata and the so called ’Tóváros’ started to grow rapidly after the 1867-accord. Some small factories were established. The railway linking Wien and Budapest reached Tata in 1883-1884. Earl Miklós Esterházy got a horseracecourt, a railway station named ’Tóvároskert’ , and a Castle Theatre built during these years. Citizenship started to grow rapidly between the great world wars. Against the will of the Esterhazy-lordship, the towns of Tata and Tóváros merged on 1st January, 1938. Although the years following 1945 brought great changes in the life of township, reconstruction and developement started a good deal later in 1954, when Tata was pronounced as a city. Tata has become well known of its lovely waters, English-style garden, shady parks, renovated buildings, orderly roads, olympic training camp during the last decades. But it has many museums also, it gives home to academic conferences, it has a great variety of traditional programs and outings (such as Water, Music and Flower festival, Tata-medley, Baroque-festival, Outdoor Games, Autumnal Fishery).