Old-Lake’ fishery in October - Grill and Cocktail Étterem TataOld-Lake’ fishery in October


This event is held in the area of the Tata Castle, the ‘Old Lake’ and the Esterházy-Hall, which are the most prominent parts of Tata. The main attraction of the festival is the show-fishing with a 400-meter trawl-net, standalone in the country. This all-day program demonstrates the hard physical work of fishermen back in old times. The curiosity of the event is the fishing cottage made of cane, built in the middle of the lake. This kind of cottage was peculiar for the fishermen of the ‘Old Lake’ and nowhere else. The festival is accompanied by the fish-cooking festival and fair displaying the great fish gastronomy of the country, where the visitors can also taste many different specalities.

Further Information: Tatai Mezőgazdasági Zrt.