Tata Wild Goose Medley - Grill and Cocktail Étterem TataTata Wild Goose Medley


The biggest conservationist event in ’the city of wild gooses’


Tata is well known among the growing society of domestic and foreign ornithologists. The ‘Old Lake’ provides the lovers of nature with such fantastic spectacle during the fall-winter period that makes this lake world-known. This great spectacle is the trail of wild gooses. The wild gooses leave their breeding territories each autumn and fly to the Carpathian-basin. Hundreds of years ago the wild gooses chose the ‘Old Lake’ as one of their most prominent European resting-place, which is protected by international treaty since 1989. Myriads of goos arrive in November to spend the cold winter months here, and fly back to their Scandinavian, Siberian breeding territories in Feb, March. What makes this spectacle unique in whole Europe is the fact that this is the only resting-place for these birds, which is almost completely surrounded by a city. And what a city! Tata, also known as ‘the city of waters’, has the greatest lake-side Castle, with many baroque buildings and monuments. It provides such a frame for ornithology that must be seen! This is the 10th time when this venue takes places and now it is integrated with an international conference. The 10th Tata Wild Goose Medley is a perfect occasion for ornithologists, amateur and professional conservationists, or for those who just walk by to spend a great day together with the birds here in ‘the city of wild gooses’

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